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COVID-19 Vaccine Phases and Planning

COVID-19 Vaccine Phases and Planning

COVID-19 vaccine planning is currently happening at federal, state, and local levels of government. We will continue to update this information as we learn more.

Minnesota Guidance for Allocating and Prioritizing COVID-19 Vaccine – Phase 1a (PDF) Updated 1/22/21

Details on who will be included in Phase 1b will be available in coming weeks.

Phases of COVID-19 vaccination

Because there are very few doses of vaccine available initially, COVID-19 vaccination will take a phased approach. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) determined the priority groups that will be getting vaccine first. The Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Advisory Group reviews the ACIP guidelines and makes detailed recommendations for how to apply the guidelines in Minnesota.

The goal for the first, limited doses of COVID-19 vaccine is to immunize for impact – meaning we are offering vaccine to those at highest risk of getting COVID-19 and those most at risk of severe disease and complications if they get COVID-19.

Moving from one phase to another will depend on vaccine supply and how many people are getting vaccinated, so it is hard to estimate when one phase will end and another will begin.

We are glad so many people want to get vaccinated and know that waiting for vaccine is extremely hard right now. We cannot get access to it as fast as we want, so we have to take this phased approach and try to focus initial doses where we'll have the greatest impact on health. Vaccine is constantly being made and distributed. Everyone's opportunity to get vaccinated will come; it will just take some time.

For more information, see Who's Getting Vaccinated.

Planning for COVID-19 vaccine

Planning for COVID-19 vaccine began many months ago and continues to change and grow as we prepare for more vaccine doses to become available. Local public health, health care coalitions, and MDH are working together on vaccination plans for current and future population groups. We are committed to making sure everyone who can get the vaccine will be informed how, when, and where they can get their vaccine as soon as vaccination sites are up and running and vaccine is available.

Read the executive summary of the Minnesota Interim COVID-19 Vaccination Plan for more information.

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