Africa Resource Centre

                                                                  Africa Resource Center (ARC)
This is epicenter for Africans and African organizations to co-work/co-share physical space and resources to save cost, improve efficiency, network, share ideas, learn from each other, access info and services that are tailored to solve peculiar issues that African immigrants face in Minnesota.
ARC will focus on the following:
1.    Career Development
a.    Education 
i.    Grants for college
ii.    Career counseling
b.    Job training, skill retooling, preparation to join into American workforce 
c.    Business skills development and follow-up with supportive environment 
d.    Instead of calling cops, ARC will try to resolve the conflicts in amicable way 
e.    Financial management training
2.    Health 
a.    Mental health
b.    Domestic violence and marriage counseling using some of the traditional methods that work in Africa
c.    Depression
d.    Risk factors
e.    DWI
3.    Research and Development of African Immigrant Affairs
a.    Engage experts to research on peculiar issues to African community demography
b.    Ways to break barriers to help us to success in America culture
c.    Collate info affecting Africans
4.    Immigration
5.    Civic Engagement/Training